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October 26, 2012

Hey Friends, 

Haven’t really been using this forum much lately, but things are still happening. Here’s what’s happening NOW:

-J. Sherri’s been playing some neat shows, that guy/girl is sexy. His/Her Facebook page is pretty active and it will always let an upcoming show be known.

-I’ve also been using my art blog to keep some music things updated.

-Burroughs’ Cats, Lukasaurus, Indigenous (or Speedy Rodriguez) and others have been doing things like playing shows and writing music.

This is cool. Jackson’s a super guy.

Have fun,

L u k a s



June 25, 2012

1.Here r a few new Lukasaurus trax.


2. This is an EP I put up on my bandcamp a couple months ago.  It’s based around a phone conversation I had with my cousin.


3. Also, lots of new exciting projects in the works.  Take my word for it.



June 25, 2012


J. Sherri

April 23, 2012


Hey friends, J. Sherri has been playing some shares lately.  If you want to keep updated with what’s coming up for J. Sherri, check this facebook page regularly.  If J. Sherri is going to play, it’ll prolly say so on thur.


J. Sherri

Bandcamps and J. Sherri

March 7, 2012


So yesterday I found out that Andrew had his music up on Bandcamp.  He has a pretty new album and I hadn’t known it was up there.  I then got excited and made one for myself. I put on it a “remastered” version of that album I put out last spring with a few new things. Downloading it from there is much easier than downloading it from soundcloud. Here are some links to find music on that neat site.

Andrew Link:


Sioux Falls:

CRUMBS (some great guys from Olympia):

Also, just wanted to let you know that the band Neil, Rachel, Sam and I made is called J. Sherri, and we will be playing shows soon.  We have been practicing pretty loud and have a lot of R&B bizness goin’ on, so you know,  keep an eye out for that.

Three New Things

February 13, 2012

Hey friends, I’ve got three things to tell you,

One:  Here are three new Lukasaurus songs.

Two:  Sam, Neil, Rachel and I are starting a real cool group and we’re going to play a show soon I think.

Three: Check this out! 

Lura Takas

November 15, 2011